The residents of Blang Balok village, Peureulak district, East Aceh, have been storing the canon “Lada Sicupak” which is supposedly believed that it was one of the cannons sent from Turkey in the past. The canon, nearly 2 metres in length, was admitted as a present from Turkey government. There are not many people know the reason why the canon is still kept neatly in the village which the distance is about 1.5 km from Beusa village bridge, Banda Aceh-Medan highway. The residents built a fence for the savety of this historical canon.
Ayah Wan, the coordinator of Lada Sicupak inheritage committee said that his historical canon will be protected from any kind of unbeneficial behaviour since it has been found in Desember 12, 1976 by late Teungku Muhammad Ben. It is said that this canon was used by Panglima Mustafa who was one of the resident of the village in 1860. It is also believed that Lada Sicupak have a blessing mystical power. It is proved as the conflict term that the canon had never been disturbed. And even someone had ever got mental disorder due to his bad propose to the canon.
A team from Archeology Department (Purbalakala) had ever taken the canon as the exhibition object which was moved by 15 persons. Now, the canon is saved by Ayah Wan and will not allow any body to move the canon from Peureulak.
Serambi Indonesia, Tuesday, 3 July, 2007.